Certified organic beans, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® beans, ecologically grown beans

BUSH BEANS(Phaseolus vulgaris)

BN6DRAGON TONGUECert. BD/OGNEW!Bush wax bean, light yellow with purple stripes which don't remain after cooking. Crisp wide pods which are juicy.
S$3.00=1 oz.
M$6.00=4 oz.
LG$12.00=1 lb
BN2GOLDEN ROCKYCert. BD/OG55 days.Tender yellow wax bean. Good producer on compact plants.
S$3.00=1 oz., sows 20 ft., ~100 seeds
M$6.00=4 oz., 80 ft., ~400 seeds
1 lb$13.00=sows 320 ft.
BN3PROVIDERCert. OG50 days.This variety has been the measuring stick for all good green snap-bush beans for many years. We are excited to offer Provider from Tiensvold Farm. They farm 3000 acres, have been certified organic for over 20 years, and have been using the biodynamic preparations on as much land as they are able for the last 10 years. Look for their other offereings on Check out our price for organic provider beans. They are on sale!, We will let you know about the price of the shipping to your location on the 50 pound bags if you email us.
S$3.00=1 oz., ~98 seeds
M$4.00=4 oz.
LG$9.50=1 lb
XL$35.00=5 lb
50+ lb$5.25/lb bulk rate
BN5ROYAL BURGUNDYCert. BD/OGNEW!50-60 days.Long, tender purple beans turn green when cooked.zu
S$3.00=1 oz.
M$6.00=4 oz.
LG$10.00=1 lb

POLE BEANS(P. vulgaris)

BP4AUNT ADA'S ITALIANCert. BD/OGNEW!55-60 days.Heirloom came from Italy with the Botanelli family~1900. Pick when beans start to bulge in pods. Delicious, tastes like a buttery snap lima bean.
S$3.00=1 oz., ~65 seeds
M$6.00=4 oz.
BP5EARLY RISERCert. BD/OG55 days.Early Romano-type pole bean. Flat, 9 in. long pods. Vigorous vines to 10 ft. Does well in the North. Sow after last frost in warm soil. 1" deep, 3" apart, or grow on poles or tipis placing 5-6 seeds at the base of each .pole.Climbs 6-8 ft.
S$3.00=1 oz., sows 10 ft., ~60 seeds
M$6.50=4 oz., 40 ft., ~230 seeds
LG$15.00=1 lb, sows 160 ft., ~900 seeds
3 lb$36.00
BP1RATTLESNAKECert. BD/OG70 days.Purple streaked dark green pods on 8-10 foot vines notable for their good flavor. These unusual beans catch the customer's eye at the farmer's market and when cooked look like other green beans. Their brown striped seeds, reminiscent of pinto beans, can also be used as a dry bean.
S$3.00=1 oz., ~70 seeds
M$8.75=1/2 lb, ~550 seeds
LG$12.00=1 lb, ~1100 seeds
XL$40.00=5 lb, ~5500 seeds

SOUP BEANS(P. vulgaris)

BS1BARB'S BEAUTIFUL BEANSCert. BD/OGNEW!HEIRLOOM . Maroon and white beans with very distinctive markings great for soups. Also known Yin Yang or Calypso.
S$3.00=1 oz.
M$6.00=4 oz.
LG$12.00=1 lb
BS5BLACK GARBONZO, KABULICert. BD/OGNEW!This chickpea is a cool-season annual that requires about 100 days to reach harvest. Sow chickpeas in the garden about the date of the average last frost in spring or slightly earlier
S$3.00=1 oz.
BS5BLUE TEPARARYCert. BD/OGNEW!(TEPERARY)80 days. A traditional Southwestern crop that's drought and heat tolerant. Has a half-runner habit.
S$3.00=1 oz.
LG$12.00=1 lb
BS2BUCKSKINCert. BD/OGNEW!85 days.HEIRLOOM . Abundant production and early. Somewhat sprawling with runners but do not need trellis. Eating quality similar to Pinto when cooked. Golden tan color.
S$3.00=1 oz.
M$5.50=4 oz.
LG$9.00=1 lb