Certified organic corn seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® corn seeds, ecologically grown corn seeds

SWEET CORN(Zea mays)≈100-150 seeds/oz.

CS1HARMONYCert. BD/OG90 days.A great, new cross from Wisconsin Biodynamic seed grower Steven Adams. Stalks between 7 and 8 feet depending on climate in which it is grown, often with multiple ears on a stalk, sweet good corn flavor with two toned colors of yellow and white. This variety did well in both wet and dry conditions. Still in early stages of development, we offer this for those interested in trying a new open pollinated variety. We would like to know how it does in your area. In warm, fertile soil, sow seeds 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart, in blocks of at least three rows spaced about 20 inches apart. Thin 8-12 inches apart.
S$3.00=1 oz., sows 40 ft., ~120 seeds
M$6.00=4 oz., 160 ft.
LG$17.00=1 lb

POP CORN(Zea mays)≈250 seeds/oz.

CN2CHEROKEE RAINBOWCert. BD/OGNEW!HEIRLOOM from .Merlyn Niedens, combining several strains of long ear Cherokee popcorn sent to Southern Exposure Seed Exchange by Carl Barnes of Turpin, OK. Carl has helped save many of the Cherokee corns that came west over the Trail of Tears. This small kernelled variety makes surprisingly large pops, yielding for a low hull/ corn ratio. Great flavor. Highly ornamental, 5-7 in. ears have many shiny colors including red, blue, orange, white, and yellow with surprising variations. 6-8 ft. plants. We thank the First People's for the possibility to have corn.
S$3.00=1 oz.
M$8.00=4 oz.
LG$15.00=1 lb
5+ lb$8.00/lb bulk rate