WATERMELONS(Citrullus lanatu)

Certified organic watermelon seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® watermelon seeds, ecologically grown watermelon seeds

WM5ALI BABACert. BD/OGNEW!(Citrullus Lanatus)HEIRLOOM . from Iraq Sweet and nice texture. Copious producer of 5-15 pound fruits in our area, light green skin, red flesh which is very quick to mature. Baker's Creek Heirloom seed company introduced this fine variety about 10 years ago after they were sent seed by Aziz Nail, an Iraqi gentleman who had collected this fantastic variety in Iraq.
S$3.00=3 g, ~30 seeds
M$5.50=1/2 oz., ~150 seeds
LG$9.00=2 oz., ~600 seeds
WM2BLACK TAIL MOUNTAINCert. BD/OGNEW!(Citrullus Lanatus)75 days.75 day round 8-10 Lb. lightly striped fruits with sweet, crisp, red flesh. Developed in Idaho for short season areas. In our Nebraska climate we have found it to be very reliable. A biodynamic grower in Wisconsin, was able to get melons direct sown in the garden which is remarkable.
S$3.00=2 g, ~30 seeds
M$6.00=6 g, ~90 seeds
LG$12.00=1 oz., ~420 seeds
WM1SUGAR BABYCert. BD/OG(Citrullus Lanatus)68 days.Called ice box watermelons because their small size fits well in the refrigerator. 6-12 lb small round red-fleshed fruits with a sturdy rind which ripens to dark green.
S$3.00=2 g, ~35 seeds
M$7.00=1/2 oz., ~300 seeds
LG$12.00=1 oz., ~600 seeds
WM3YELLOW MOONBEAMCert. BD/OG(Citrullus Lanatus)75 days.Stabilized open-pollinated selection from Yellow Doll Hybrid. 5-8 Lb. round striped fruits with sweet flavorful yellow flesh. Matures in the North. Bred by Alan Kapular of Peace Seeds.
S$3.00=2 g, ~30 seeds
M$6.00=6 g, ~90 seeds
LG$15.00=1 oz., ~430 seeds