Certified organic endive and chicory seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® endive and chicory seeds, ecologically grown endive and chicory seeds

EN1TREFFINE MARAICHERECert. BD/OG45 days.This large frisee type endive is quite easy to grow and delightful in it delicate frilly appearance. It can stand a frost so it is great to have some greens for those early spring markets. Best grown for spring or fall harvest. Needs to be planted in early spring before the late spring heat.
S$3.00~100 seeds, ~100 seeds
M$6.00=1/8 oz., ~2250 seeds
LG$10.00=1/2 oz., ~9000 seeds
XL$34.00=2 oz., ~36000 seeds
zu1ZUCKERHUT CHICORYCert. BD/OGNEW!(Sugar Hat)55-60 days.A European type of hardy salad heads with thick leaves and a strong taste. Sow from mid-June to mid-July in order to harvest in the autumn and store into the winter time. Can be used with fruit or garlic to highlight its wonderful flavor. We do not usually find a way to get a bitter taste into our diet so zukerhut can help those of us who feel we need bitter flavors to find this addition to our cuisine. Withstands a light frost down to 25 degrees F or -4 Centigrade.
S$3.00~50 seeds
M$5.00=1/2 g, ~300 seeds
LG$10.00=1 g, ~600 seeds