Certified organic unusual crops, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® unusual crops, ecologically grown unusual crops

PU2PUMPKIN, STYRIAN, NAKED-SEEDEDCert. BD/OG90-120 days.HEIRLOOM known from Styrian area in Austria where they are pressed for oil . Large, green/orange striped pumpkin grown for its seeds. Click on the photo to see inside the pumpkin. Seeds are delicious eaten raw or pressed for oil, or press for oil. Flesh can be used for soups but is also good for animals for animals. Extract the seeds from the pumpkins, rinse and dry seeds carefi;;u on racks.
S$3.00~25 seeds
M$7.00=1/2 oz.
LG$18.00=2 oz.
8+ oz.$8.00/oz. bulk rate
1 lb$120.00
FL10SUNFLOWER, PEREDOVIKCert. BD/OGNEW!(Helianthus annuus)90-100 days.HEIRLOOM Oil seed type from Russia with small black seed on 4 to 6 inch heads selected to be single flowered plants but still a few with multiple heads
S$3.00=1 g, sows 12 ft., ~25 seeds
M$7.00=14 g, 200 ft., ~400 seeds
LG$10.00=1 oz., sows 400 ft., ~880 seeds
XL$100.00=1 lb, 7000 ft., ~14000 seeds