KALE & COLLARDS(Brassica oleracea)~7,000 seeds/oz.

Certified organic kale and collard seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® kale and collard seeds, ecologically grown kale and collard seeds

KALE~7,000 seeds/oz.

KA3LACINATO KALECert. BD/OG62 days.Blue-green lance-shaped leaves. Traditional Italian variety used for Minestrone Soup. Good for bunching.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~100 seeds
M$6.00=2 g, ~400 seeds
LG$11.00=5 g, ~1000 seeds
XL$15.00=14 g, ~3500 seeds
KA4LERCHENZUNGEN GREENCert. BD/OG(LARK'S TOUNGUE)Good frost hardy variety according to Biodynamic ® growers in Northern Germany. Finely curled narrow, slightly drooping leaves with good flavor. Cultivation instructions: Sow inside for early spring crop or fro early summer; set out 10-12 wks before frost. For Fall kale: direct seed late June, 2"apart, thin to 8".
S$3.00=1 g, ~220 seeds
M$6.00=3 g, ~640 seeds
LG$18.00=12 g, ~2560 seeds
KA8RED RUSSIAN KALECert. BD/OG(Brassica napus)55 days.Frilled tender purple-veined deeply lobed oak-shaped leaves. Tender, mild, in summer & more colorful, sweeter after frost.
S$3.00=1 g, ~220 seeds
M$6.00=5 g, ~1000 seeds
KA1RUFFLES KALECert. BD/OG(aka Half-high curly or halbhoher)60 days.A high yielding variety with a medium level of frost resistance. Dark green, ruffled, medium sized leaves. Good taste. Sping crops: begin early inside and set out after about 5 weeks. Kale can take light frosts which improves flavor. For fall crops: direct seed in late June, 2' apart in rows 18-30" apart. Thin to 8". Transplants: Start early summer. set out 10-12 weeks before frost. Overwinters in mild climates for winter and early spring greens.
S$3.00=1 g, ~220 seeds
M$6.00=5 g, ~1000 seeds
LG$11.50=1/2 oz., ~3500 seeds