Certified organic herb seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® herb seeds, ecologically grown herb seeds

H-BBASILCert. BD/OGSALE!(Ocimum basilicum)Good strain of regular basil, genovese type from the German Biodynamic seed company with great germination rate. Annual.18 in. plants give continuous cuttings from mid-summer until frost if flower stalks are pinched off.
S$3.00=1/4 g, ~150 seeds
M$5.00=1 g, ~600 seeds
LG$10.00=4 g, ~2400 seeds
XL$12.00=1/2 oz., ~9000 seeds sold out
H-CHCHAMOMILE, GERMANCert. BD/OGNEW!(Matricaria recutita)Biodynamic preparation annual. 18 in tall with small white petals and golden centered flowers used as a relaxing tea for stomach and intestinal problems.
S$3.00=0.1 g, ~200 seeds
M$12.00=1/4 g, ~2000 seeds
LG$40.00=1 g, ~10000 seeds
H-chivesCHIVESCert. BD/OG(Allium schoenoprasum)Carefree perennial. Grass-like clusters of leaves with mild onion flavor used for fresh seasoning. Purple blossoms make colorful edible flower garnish.
S$3.00~50 seeds, ~50 seeds
M$6.00=1/4 oz. sold out
LG$10.00=1 oz. sold out
H-CICILANTRO AND CORIANDERCert. BD/OG(Coriandrum sativum)Annual.Young leaves ar for fresh salads, salsa & other Mexican cuisine. 18 in. stalks bear white flowers which become spicy seeds in late summer which are delicious in bread, cookies and even quite refreshing in homemade ice cream.
S$3.00=1 g, ~50 seeds
H-GOGREEK OREGANOCert. BD/OGGREEK TYPE Low growing heat loving herb for pizzas and other types of mediterranean cuisine. In nothern climates, best success is to sow inside and plant out after the last frost in spring.
S$3.00~50 seeds
H-NNETTLE, STINGINGCert. BD/OG(Urtica dioica)Perennial. 4-5 ft. plants . Fine prickly silica tipped hairs on leaves and stems release formic acid as a skin irritant when touched. Biodynamic preparation plant.
S$5.00~100 seeds, ~100 seeds
H-THTHYMECert. BD/OG(Thymus vulgaris)Perennial Small 6-12 in. bushy plants with an abundance of small leaves. Warming culinary herb.
S$3.00~50 seeds
H-YAYARROWCert. BD/OGNEW!(Achillea millefolium)Hardy drought resistant 2-3 ft. perennial with flat clusters of white flowers used in tea for colds and fevers and as herb in Biodynamic compost.
S$3.00~100 seeds
M$12.00~700 seeds