PARSLEY(Petroselinum crispum)~16,000 seeds/oz.

Certified organic parsley seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® parsley seeds, ecologically grown parsley seeds

PA1MOSS CURLED, FOREST GREENCert. BD/OG75 days.Vigorous, productive compact 12 in. tall plants with dark-green finely-cut, deeply-curled leaves. A high-yielding uniform strain. In the begging, can take 2-3 weeks to germinate. Cultivation Instructions: Can be planted at all times of year but germinates best in the cooler time. Best sown directly into soil outside spring or autumn. Keep well watered. Do not let it dry out until signs of germination around 2-3 weeks. From transplanting, roots tend to rot later in the season that is why it is best to sow direct outside. Parsley is winter hardy even in cold climates. However it is a bienniel so early in the spring, the leaves can be harvested but later in the spring the parsley plants shoot to seed.
S$3.00=1 g, ~450 seeds