PARSNIPS(Pastinaca sativa)~5,000 seeds/oz.

Certified organic parsnip seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® parsnip seeds, ecologically grown parsnip seeds

PN3AROMATACert. BD/OGSmooth texture and sweet. Roots are not real long so a bit easier to harrvest than the cobham morrow.
S$3.00=1 g, sows 15 ft.
PN1COBHAM IMPROVED MARROWCert. BD/OG120 days.High quality smooth tapered white roots with high sugar content and a mild coconut flavor. Cultivation instructions:Sow early to mid-spring 1/2" deep, 3 seeds per inch in rows 15"-18" apart. Thin to 3"-4" apart. Keep moist until seedlings emerge, which may take 3 weeks. Harvest in fall or overwinter for early spring harvest. If allowed to overwinter they become very sweet!!!
S$3.00=2 g, sows 30 ft., ~400 seeds
M$6.00=7 g, 100 ft., ~1400 seeds
LG$11.50=1/2 0.5 oz., sows 200 ft., ~2800 seeds
1 oz.$20.00
1 lb$105.00