BULBING FENNEL(Foeniculum vulgare)~7,000 seeds/oz.

Certified organic bulbing fennel, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® bulbing fennel, ecologically grown bulbing fennel

FE3MONTEBIANCOCert. BD/OG90-110 days.White, filled out bulgy stem especially for autumn. irect seed outside in end June or early July to harvest beautiful bulbs.
S$3.00=1/4 g, ~50 seeds
M$6.00=1 g, ~200 seeds
LG$11.50=1/4 oz., ~1600 seeds
XL$19.00=1 oz., ~6000 seeds
FE1PERFEKTIONCert. BD/OG75 days.Delicious in salads and also in soups or in stir fries. Very mild flavor. Cultivation Instructions: Sow in the early spring or in end of June direct sow for an autumn harvest. If you sow in late spring it will probably bolt more easily as it nears the summer soltice. Water often like you would carrot seedlings until you see the first true leaves.
S$3.00=1/4 g, ~50 seeds sold out