CARROTS(Daucus carota)~18,000 seeds/oz.

Certified organic carrot seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® carrot seeds, ecologically grown carrot seeds

1 lb
CAP2COSMIC PURPLECert. BD/OGGreat purple carrots for spring planting with puple skin and yellow to orange flesh with an edgy flavor.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~300 seeds
M$7.00=2 g, ~1200 seeds
LG$16.00=14 g, ~9000 seeds
1 oz.$25.00
4+ oz.$22.00/oz. bulk rate
CT2LYRACert. BD/OGNEW!(leira)Storage carrot selected for longer carrots with a mild sweet taste from the rodelika type which is used a lot in Biodynamic gardens in Europe.. In the photo, these are carrots in March after they have stored the whole winter.
S$3.00=1 g, sows 20 ft.
M$5.00=4 g, 80 ft.
LG$12.00=1 oz., sows 600 ft.
CT7MILAN NANTESCert. BD/OG72 days.An early, uniform, blunt-ended early carrot that can be forced under row cover for spring bunching carrots. Can even be stored but its highlight is for early bunching. Very good sweet flavor. Our farmer market customers love the flavor! Cultivation instructions:Sow outdoors from early spring to mid-summer. Grow in full sun in rich, loose, deeply worked soil. Sow 1/2 inch deep and ┬ż-1 inch apart in rows 12 inches apart. Keep moist until seedlings emerge. Thin to 2 inches between plants.
S$3.00=1 g, sows 20 ft., ~600 seeds
M$5.00=4 g, 80 ft., ~2400 seeds
LG$14.00=1 oz., sows 600 ft., ~18000 seeds
1 lbs$176.00
CT8PURPLE DRAGONCert. BD/OGNEW!This carrot is best planted later in the season. Otherwise it tends to bolt when planted early in the spring. Sweet yet pungent, a different taste in carrots, the purple gives a new look to carrots. Truly purple skin with orange flesh inside. Improved from a USDA strain by Dr. John Navazio, with lycopene content equal to tomatoes! Novelty appeal for farmer's market customers.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~300 seeds
M$7.00=2 g, ~1200 seeds
LG$15.00=14 g, ~9000 seeds
XL$25.00=1 oz., ~18000 seeds
8+ oz.$20.00/oz. bulk rate
CT4RODELIKACert. BD/OGNEW!72 days.Improved Rothild bred by biodynamic farmer/breeder Dieter Bauer in Germany. Does well in heavy soil. A good storage variety with a very good flavor.
S$3.00=1 g, sows 20 ft.
M$5.00=3.5 g, 70 ft.
LG$12.00=1/4 oz.
CT6SCARLET NANTES IMPROVEDCert. BD/OG(seed movement scarlet nantes)75 days.Uniform, medium-long, blunt-tipped roots. Sweet and juicy and keeps its quality through a long season. We get many repeat customers for these carrots at the farmer's market and its excellent storage makes it possible for us to include it in our year round CSA. Original source was a John Navazio selection.
S$3.00=1 g, sows 20 ft.
M$5.00=4 g, 80 ft.
LG$9.80=1 oz., sows 600 ft.
1 lb$150.00