Certified organic specialty greens seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® specialty greens seeds, ecologically grown specialty greens seeds

GR2ARUGULACert. BD/OG(Erucca vesicaria)40 days.20 days for cutting, 40 days to full size. Pungent salad green with dark green leaves with a nutty radish flavor.
S$3.00=1 g, ~500 seeds
M$4.00=1/4 oz., ~3750 seeds
LG$7.00=1 oz., ~15000 seeds
S1BUTTERFLAYCert. BD/OG45 days.Vigorous early spinach with medium dark-green savoyed leaves and a full rich flavor. Quick-growing and late-bolting.
S$3.00=4 g, sows 30 ft., ~300 seeds
M$5.00=1 oz., 200 ft., ~2000 seeds
LG$10.00=4 oz., sows 800 ft., ~8000 seeds
1 lb$36.00=3200 ft., ~128000 seeds
5+ lb$29.00/lb bulk rate
25 lb$500.00
SC2GLATTER SILBERCert. BD/OG55 days.Vigorous, productive, high quality chard. Glossy succulent bright-green leaves with 1 to 2 in. broad silver white stems. From the German Biodynamic seed company, it is a type of chard not very well known here. The thick stem is delicious as well as the beautiful green leaves. Sow early to late spring, , 1/2" deep, 8-10 seeds per foot in rows 18"-24" apart. Thin to 6". Transplants: start in doors 4-6 weeks before setting out.. Swiss chard can take a very light frost but not a harder frosts or freezes!
S$3.00=2 g, sows 15 ft., ~120 seeds
M$5.00=1/4 oz., 60 ft., ~450 seeds sold out
LG$12.00=1 oz., sows 250 ft., ~1875 seeds sold out
XL$16.00=2 oz. sold out
CH1GRANATCert. BD/OG60 days.For autumn harvest. Sow mid July to beginning of August. Makes 15 inch high, slender yet solid compact heads. Strong aromatic flavour with good consistency and hence suitable for steaming.
S$3.00=1/4 g, ~60 seeds
M$6.00=1 g, ~300 seeds
LG$11.00=3.5 g, ~1000 seeds
GR1KOMATSUNACert. BD/OG(Spinach Mustard)45 days.Tender mild glossy dark-green leaves up to 12 in. long. Sown like spinach, but it grows much faster, especially in a cold season. Does not have oxalic acid as is found in regular spinach, making it preferred by some people to regular spinach.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~200 seeds
M$6.00=1/4 oz., ~3000 seeds
LG$9.00=1/2 oz., ~6000 seeds
GR6KYONA MIZUNACert. BD/OG(Brassica rapa)50 days.Mild, pretty Asian mustard with deeply cut leaves. Large rosettes with 12 in. leaves if 8 in. between plants.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~200 seeds
M$6.00=3.5 g, ~1400 seeds
KA4LERCHENZUNGEN GREENCert. BD/OG(LARK'S TOUNGUE)Good frost hardy variety according to Biodynamic ® growers in Northern Germany. Finely curled narrow, slightly drooping leaves with good flavor. Cultivation instructions: Sow inside for early spring crop or fro early summer; set out 10-12 wks before frost. For Fall kale: direct seed late June, 2"apart, thin to 8".
S$3.00=1 g, ~220 seeds
M$6.00=3 g, ~640 seeds
LG$18.00=12 g, ~2560 seeds
GR3MOUTARDE ROUGE METISCert. BD/OGNEW!(ruby streaks)These dark red lacey beauties also have a great flavor, pungent but not agressive! A delightful addition to any salad.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~200 seeds
M$8.00=4 g, ~1600 seeds
GR7MUSTARD, OSAKACert. BD/OGNEW!(Brassica juncea)80 days.Large round purple-veined leaves with mild mustard flavor. Good in salad or mixed into a stir fry. Winters over in mild areas. Gives a salad mix a great little kick!
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~200 seeds
M$6.00=1/2 oz., ~1600 seeds
LG$15.00=2 oz., ~6000 seeds
XL$50.00=1 lb
GR5PAC CHOI, PRIZECert. BD/OG(Brassica rapa)50 days.Heavy upright vase-shaped rosettes of tender dark-green spoon-shaped leaves on thick solid-white stems. Does best in cool temparatures.
S$3.00=1 g, ~440 seeds
M$6.00=4 g, ~1500 seeds
LG$15.00=1/2 oz., ~6000 seeds
XL$27.00=2 oz.
SW1RAINBOWCert. BD/OG60 days.Productive Chard originally from Australia with many shades of colored stems: red, pink, white, yellow, orange, A real treat of color and chard flavor.
S$3.00=2 g, sows 15 ft., ~120 seeds sold out
M$5.00=1/4 oz., 60 ft., ~450 seeds sold out
LG$12.00=1 oz., sows 250 ft., ~1875 seeds sold out
4+ oz.$10.00/oz. bulk rate sold out
KA8RED RUSSIAN KALECert. BD/OG(Brassica napus)55 days.Frilled tender purple-veined deeply lobed oak-shaped leaves. Tender, mild, in summer & more colorful, sweeter after frost.
S$3.00=1 g, ~220 seeds
M$6.00=5 g, ~1000 seeds
KA1RUFFLES KALECert. BD/OG(aka Half-high curly or halbhoher)60 days.A high yielding variety with a medium level of frost resistance. Dark green, ruffled, medium sized leaves. Good taste.
S$3.00=1 g, ~220 seeds
M$6.00=5 g, ~1000 seeds
LG$11.50=1/2 oz., ~3500 seeds
EN1TREFFINE MARAICHERECert. BD/OG45 days.This large frisee type endive is quite care-free and delightful in it delicate frilly appearance. Best grown for spring or fall harvest..
S$3.00~100 seeds, ~100 seeds
M$6.00=1/8 oz., ~2250 seeds
LG$10.00=1/2 oz., ~9000 seeds
XL$34.00=2 oz., ~36000 seeds
zu1ZUCKERHUT CHICORYCert. BD/OGNEW!(Sugar Hat)55-60 days.A European type of hardy salad with an elongated, tall tapered heads covering lots of yellow-white heart leaves.Sow from mid-June to mid-July in order to harvest in the autumn and store into the winter time. Can be used with fruit or garlic to highlight its wonderful flavor. We do not usually find a way to get a bitter taste into our diet so zukerhut can help those of us who feel we need bitter flavors to find this addition to our cuisine. Withstands a light frost.
S$3.00~50 seeds
M$5.00=1/2 g, ~300 seeds
LG$10.00=1 g, ~600 seeds