SPINACH(Spinacia oleracea)~2,150 seeds/oz.

Certified organic spinach seeds, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® spinach seeds, ecologically grown spinach seeds

SS2ABUNDANTCert. BD/OGA spinach variety adapted to organic farming conditions that is slow bolting and cold-hardy, and has upright growth habit and deeply savoyed (crinkled) dark green leaves. From research of Organic Seed Alliance.
S$3.00=2 g
M$5.00=7 g
LG$10.00=1 oz.
4+ oz.$8.00/oz. bulk rate
S1BUTTERFLAYCert. BD/OG45 days.Vigorous early spinach with medium dark-green savoyed leaves and a full rich flavor. Quick-growing and late-bolting. Very dependable in the spring and has overwintered nicely here in Nebraska with protection of hay bales to the north of the bed. Temperatures here can be -30 below F this past winter and it still overwintered. It rivals many hybrid varieties because it is from Biodynamic ® breeding and selection in Switzerland and Germany. Cultivation instructions: Very early springlant successions every 7-10 days, 1/2" deep and 1" apart in rows 12"-15" apart. For fall and winter sow late summer until 6 weeks before 20° F nights. For 20 pounds or more, call 308-631-5877 for ship price.
S$3.00=4 g, sows 30 ft., ~300 seeds
M$5.00=1 oz., 200 ft., ~2000 seeds
LG$10.00=4 oz., sows 800 ft., ~8000 seeds
1 lb$36.00=3200 ft., ~128000 seeds
5+ lb$29.00/lb bulk rate
25 lb$500.00
GR1KOMATSUNACert. BD/OG(Spinach Mustard)45 days.NOT in the Spinach family. Tender mild glossy dark-green leaves up to 12 in. long. Sown like spinach, but germinates more quickly, especially in a cold season. Does not have oxalic acid as is found in regular spinach, making it prefered by some people to regular spinach.
S$3.00=1/2 g, ~200 seeds
M$6.00=1/4 oz., ~3000 seeds
LG$9.00=1/2 oz., ~6000 seeds