Certified organic shallots, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® shallots, ecologically grown shallots

SH1DUTCH GOLD BULBSCert. BD/OG(french froglegs)There are two ways to use these shallots. First possibility: You can plant them in the autumn or spring for early scalloions and harvest. Scallions from Shallot bulbs are ready to harvest in early spring so they bridge the need for onions well. Second possibility is harvesting the bulbs in the autumn, and using them through the winter. Dutch Gold has a beautiful golden copper skin which protects the sweetest flavor of one of the longest storing shallots available. Whenever I use these shallots in scrambled eggs my friends say these are the best scrambled eggs I have ever eaten. Let me tell you; “It’s not the eggs”! These shallots bring alive any dish in which you use them, says biodynamic/organic grower Brian Wickert who was the original source for these shallots.. Plant in early spring, harvest in July. Or plant in the autumn and harvest as early spring scallion-like shallots. They size up very fast in the spring and are like spring scallions. Plant 2 bulbs per foot for larger bulbs and space rows 18-24 inches apart. On the average, this year there are approximately 50 bulbs per pound. Plant the sets 1 inch deep with root plate down if possible. However, adequate yields can be obtained from randomly dropping the planting stock. Use 200-300 lb of planting stock per acre. They may be planted in fall…1 ½ diameter at harvest. Allow to dry and cure in bins or netted sacks under cover. Under proper storage conditions they will last for 5-7 months.
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